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The European Agenda for Music is much more than a policy document. It is a way-marker for the music sector itself. Everyone is invited to take the EAM home and use it as it is or adapt it to different musical and cultural contexts as needed. If the music sector can come together across Europe with all the stakeholders, it should be possible to achieve a similar momentum nationally, regionally or locally. And this would immeasurably strengthen the sector.

The EAM is a living product and the process is continuous.

Free order of EAM material

Do you want to share the European Agenda for Music with your members or audience? Get in touch with the European Music Council ( for your free order of the EAM brochure and/or postcards. Postcards are available for each key theme. You can order a complete set or just those that are of interest for you! As an example, please see here the postcard for the key theme „mobility“:

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Do you want to show your support for the European Agenda for Music? Feel free to use the „We support the European Agenda for Music“ webbanner on your website, social media or newsletters.

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Many music organisations in Europe have started their own activities based on the European Agenda for Music. From translating it into different languages to using it for their policy work. Learn more about these activities and get inspired! If you are using the EAM for your own work, let us know (!

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