Working Group Creation

This group chaired by Alfons Karabuda examined how to improve conditions for creators in music (composers, songwriters, authors) and how creation is affected by other parts of the musical value chain, as well as by society as a whole.

Authors’ rights

  • Authors must receive recognition and fair remuneration; their rights and the rights of all involved in music must be protected.
  • Transparency in the value chain (who gets what for which service) is the key to guaranteeing freedom of choice — what do I want to play? listen to? which publisher is right for me?
  • New technologies should be explored to facilitate both the creative process and practices of fair remuneration and transparency.


  • Diversity must to be protected as an indispensable precondition for creativity.
  • Both “users” and creators/performers should have access to a real musical diversity (i.e., a range of genres).
  • More transparency is called for in the selection of programmed works as a way to ensure fairness and diversity
  • Female composers are hugely under-represented. Attitudes must change through concrete action, such as the promotion of music composed by women.