Dissemination is the process of getting artistic creations out to audiences. It is a key element in the promotion of cultural diversity.

The media sector has undergone huge changes in the digital age. Radio, print and television have all come aboard the digital train while other access points have opened up through the internet. These are positive developments and have brought a diverse range of platforms to those who create, perform and listen to music. In particular, public broadcasters – while facing economic and technological challenges – play an eminently important role in their respective countries as democratic tools for dissemination that have the capacity to offer well-curated, diverse cultural content. Equally important are the diversity of stakeholders who, in an environment of strong competition, particularly from multinationals, do their best to commercialise a broad range of music. With proper legislation and government support, a true diversity of musical voices and genres can make its way to new places and new audiences, keeping music alive and relevant across Europe and the world.


  • Ensure the possibility for public service media to fulfil their mission as champions of cultural and musical diversity
  • Ensure a flexible and balanced ecosystem that provides space for self-promoted creative products alongside the offer of larger and more commercially driven players
  • Foster a greater diversity in audiences through a variety of access points

Suggested Measures

  • Develop regulation that promotes a fair and open European media landscape
  • Develop legislation that does not solely accommodate large corporate monopolies, but supports creative and commercial dissemination opportunities
  • Train creators in technology-driven dissemination practices
  • Develop the media literacy of audiences
  • Develop legislation that supports the media (radio, television, print, online) as a vehicle for cultural diversity
  • Enhance existing tools and create others dedicated to the promotion and export of European music abroad
  • Harmonise export measures within Europe