Technology has made a huge impact on every part of the music sector, and has the capacity to serve it further in new and unexplored ways.

Technology has had significant effects on nearly every sector in society, and music is no exception. Most noticeably, the digital revolution has led to a value gap that has hugely impacted the remuneration of creators, musicians, producers, labels and publishers in music. However, while the move to online streaming services is what first comes to mind, the reality is that technology has made a huge impact, positive or negative, at practically every level. In today’s tech-driven world, traditional concepts of composition, reproduction, producer and performer roles, music criticism, teaching and access to events are in constant evolution. This shift is profound and has slowly altered the matrix of musical exchange. While some of its effects have been negative, technology is a powerful tool and its potential is great. The opportunities it could bring for fair remuneration systems, creativity, teaching, access and outreach could be highly beneficial to Europe’s music sector.


  • Use technology to foster innovation in various areas (artistic, distribution, teaching, learning, etc.)
  • Tap into digital technology to safeguard the rights of musicians and creators and ensure that a fair share of the profits are redistributed to the creation and production chain
  • Further digital technology’s capacity to access new audiences and develop audience participation
  • Raise awareness among the general public as to how internet service providers  relate to authors’ and performers’ rights

Suggested Measures

  • Find feasible solutions for internet service providers and users to respect creators’ and performers’ rights across borders
  • Train music professionals in technology-driven solutions as a means to a sustainable career
  • Educate in schools about the challenges posed by digital media for authors’ and performers’ rights, as well as for intellectual property in general
  • Compare digital strategies of governments across Europe to foster innovation and best practices in rights-management